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Organisatie United Way The Netherlands


United Way Mission

To improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good. To do this we will: ignite a worldwide social movement, and thereby mobilize millions to action— to give, advocate and volunteer to improve the conditions in which they live.


Board Member Responsibilities

Each individual Board member will govern the work of United Way and provide mission-focused leadership and strategic direction. While day-to-day operations are led by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), United Way Board members and the CEO must work together in partnership -- appropriate involvement of the Board is both critical and expected.

The Attributes of the High-Performing Board & CEO Partnership define what it takes to lead the organization to achieve high-performance and results for United Way. They are the north star for how the Board and CEO can work together – beyond the responsibilities of the Board and individual Board member. United Way achieves greater results when the Board and CEO work together in partnership to:

  • Set Direction and Measure Performance and Results: United Way makes decisions grounded in community priorities and effectively measures performance on Impact, Revenue, Donors and Trust to ensure those results are accomplished.
  • Deepen Relevance in Community: Is visible in both words and deeds in the community, seek to understand and be engaged in broader community issues, works to enhance United Way’s relevance, including advocating and/or influencing public policy as a critical function.
  • Prioritize Time on Strategy: Prioritize Board leaders’ time, engagement and work on issues that are focused on improving communities, changing lives over operational and tactical work (80% on strategy; 20% on operational and tactical matters).
  • Grow Revenue and Donors: Connect impact efforts and revenue generation in order to grow resources (financial, social) and advocates in order to achieve community results at scale.
  • Leverage the Board as a Key Talent Asset: The Board is a key leadership and talent asset for United Way. As such, the Board (as a whole and as individual members) must be cultivated and enhanced on ongoing basis to attract, assess, develop, engage, and retain highly committed Board leaders.
  • Engage with the United Way Network: Value the strength of and are actively engaging with Board leaders and CEOs from other United Ways to drive results on donor growth and common issues.

Specific Board Member responsibilities include:

Mission, Brand, Impact and Business Strategy
Determine, articulate, and steward the organization's mission, vision, brand, and core values, with which the community has entrusted the Board.

  • Develop new and/or become familiar with existing Mission and Vision statements, the United Way business model, and goals (long- and short-term) listed in the strategic plan. Revise and update any, as needed.
  • Set the tone and culture for the organization by acting on the mission and vision, guided by the core values, and leading by example.
  • Monitor and strengthen community impact strategies, programs and services.
  • Commit to make United Way a personal philanthropic priority and one of the top three charities that you support financially and participate in impact programs.
  • Bring the “outside in”, actively representing the community for United Way.
  • Act as an ambassador, brand steward and an advocate for the organization in the community.

Governance and Fiscal Oversight
Practice effective governance and fiscal oversight to maintain the community’s trust.

  • Maintain the fiscal integrity of the organization and ensure compliance with legal, regulatory reporting, and operating requirements (e.g., Duty of Care, Duty of Loyalty, and Duty of Obedience)
  • Ensure that safeguards and procedures are in place to protect the organization and minimize risk.
  • Agree and adhere to Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies.
  • Annually review and approve the budget and other key policies including compensation policies for the CEO and review the bylaws at least every-other year.
  • Oversee implementation of necessary financial changes based on the audit, and monitor compliance.

Resource Development
Set annual and multi-year fundraising goals and supporting metrics and strategies, the. The Board – and each individual member – must be champions for and engaged in resourcing the strategy and building the appropriate infrastructure to fund the mission and strategy.

  • Set the example of investing through their own giving first.
  • Help set United Way and Board fundraising goals and metrics of success.
  • Make calls and introductions on behalf of United Way, opening their own networks for key financial asks and other supports (e.g., Loaned Executives, strong United Way campaigns in their workplace).
  • Partner with the CEO, Fundraising Volunteer Leaders, and staff to remove obstacles and barriers to fundraising success.
  • Assist with recruitment of Fundraising Volunteer Leaders (e.g., Campaign Cabinet, Tocqueville Cabinet) and serve on committees/cabinets as appropriate.
  • Thank donors in-person, in writing, and/or by phone.
  • Contribute in other ways to drive revenue growth including providing expertise, knowledge of the community and social, intellectual, and reputational capital.
  • Hold each other accountable for resource generation success.

CEO Performance and Accountability
The CEO leads the day-to-day activities of the organization; the Board monitors the CEO’s performance.

  • Hire and fire the CEO.
  • Support the CEO and serve as his/her partner and trusted advisor.
  • Evaluate the CEO’s performance, tied to United Way's strategic goals, organizational performance metrics, culture, and results on a regular basis (minimum annually).
  • Review and approve CEO’s compensation.
  • Ensure a proper CEO Succession Plan is in place (including for planned and unplanned departures).

Board Self-Leadership, Performance and Renewal
The Board must ensure its own continuity of leadership and provide for its ongoing development.

  • Establish and assess Board performance as a whole and for individual members on an ongoing basis.
  • Establish succession plans for the Board to always have quality leadership.
  • Recruit new Board members (with Nominating Committee and CEO) that have the competencies, passion, influence, and relationships needed to advance United Way’s mission and strategy.
  • Serve on committees and/or task forces and take on special assignments (including as Chair as appropriate).
  • Ensure the appropriate Board and committee infrastructure is in place.
  • Commit to having a diverse Board and staff that reflects the diversity of the community.
  • Hold each other accountable, and individually demonstrate the United Way Board Competencies behaviors.

Functie-eisen en profiel

To effectively perform the responsibilities above the United Way Board member is expected to demonstrate the following competencies in his/her service to United Way:

  • Strategic Thinker: The United Way Board provides thought-leadership and expertise in developing a path to achieve the strategic goals of the organization.
  • Connects Leaders to Leaders: The United Way Board values talent as a key to success and attracts and develops key leaders and partnerships.
  • Advocate for Community: The United Way Board is adept at public advocacy on behalf of community needs and solutions in education, income and health.
  • Future Focused: The United Way Board is committed to long-term sustainability of support for United Way’s mission.
  • Steward of Brand and Trust: The United Way Board understands the powerful significance of our brand, and instills trust in United Way by working with energy and integrity to strengthen and protect the organizations reputation for ethical leadership and community service.

Commitment and Expectations
The United Way Board Member has several additional expectations:

  • Term of service is 3 years and up to 2 consecutive terms may be served.
  • Serve on a committee and attend their meetings.
  • Pass a background and/or reference check.

Note: This is an unpaid position.

Ons aanbod

Position Summary

The United Way Board and its individual members are entrusted by the community with the mission of United Way: they are the fiduciary and governing leadership body who steer the organization in advancement of the mission. The Board adopts ethical, legal and financial management policies to ensure that United Way has adequate resources to advance its mission and works toward a sustainable future for the organization. Further, the Board member co-owns the organization’s mission, business, and strategy. S/he ensures accountability of the CEO, self, and other Board members for achieving these goals, while ensuring the mission is adequately resourced and that necessary infrastructure is in place. This individual leads United Way to benefit the community.

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